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Convert AMD 16Mb Flash Memory in a FBGA to a 32Mb Flash Memory in Development and Small Quantity Prototype Runs

Applies to customers currently using: Am29DL162/163D/164D 16MB Flash in a 48 pin FBGA Footprint

Wanting to convert their PCB to: Am29DL322D/323D/324D 32Mb Flash in a 63 pin FBGA Footprint

This adapter combination will allow you to socket your 32Mb Flash FBGA in the same space that you currently surface mount your 16Mb Flash FBGA.

This method also allows you to easily change your 32Mb Flash Memory multiple times without desoldering the FBGA package from the PCB.

16Mb Flash is packaged in a 48-6BG6X8 Package Code
Your printed circuit board is already laid out for a 48 pin FBGA, 6x8 grid, 0.8mm Lead Pitch, 8mm x 9mm Body.

32Mb Flash is packaged in a 63-6BG8X12 Package Code
Using this the adapter and socket combination you can convert to the 63 pin FBGA 9X12 grid, 0.8 Lead Pitch, 8mm x 14mm Body.

Buy the following two adapters to accomplish this application:

1.) Base Package Emulator (Solder to your PCB) BPE-0048-6BG6X8-BL PDF 31082
2.) Flat Pin Array (solder the 32Mb Flash to the top of this adapter) FPA-048-6BG6X8-NS PDF 34292

Plug No. 2 into No. 1

Note: The 32Mb Flash has 15 extra pins in the outside 2 rows of the grid. These pins are No Connects. When attaching the Chip to the FPA in step 2 above the middle 6x8 pattern of the 63 pin 32Mb Flash should be soldered to the FPA. After doing this the FPA will be plugged into the BPE and the signals will be matched 1 to 1 to the BPE

For other applications similar to this one please call our technical support sales team at 1-800-ADAPTER (232-7837) or log on to our website and click on Ask a Technical Question, Ask ET

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