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Versatile breakout adapter for high-speed Samtec® connectors extends probing capabilities

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SANTA CLARA, Calif, July 7, 2004—Emulation Technology (ET), announced today their newest probing adapter, which supports the high-density 100-pin Samtec 0.50mm pitch connector. In response to designers' need for fine-pitch debug, ET created this new adapter allowing designers easy access and probing ability for individual and hard to reach signals in high-speed electronic designs.

Agilent Logic Analyzer Support

This new adapter supports the Agilent differential and single ended probes. The user simply unplugs the differential probe from his test setup and plugs in the ET breakout adapter. The breakout adapters are available with stake pins or with surface mount pads. Surface mount pads are sometimes preferred
for signal rerouting and customization in the lab during product development. On the bottom side the adapter mates with the Samtec connector ASP-65067-01 that is soldered to the target board. This Samtec connector is part of their BSH series 0.50mm pitch Micro Sockets product line and also available from ET.

Features and Benefits

  • The adapter’s high-speed micro socket connects to Agilent probe model numbers E5378A (single ended signals), E5379A (differential signals), E5385A (universal probe), E5381A (differential) and E5382A (single-ended) flying lead probe set.
  • The Samtec connector user can also probe individual signals on his target board with an oscilloscope or other signal monitoring instruments.
  • Available with 100-pin signal access via .025” square stake pins spaced on .100” pitch or Surface Mount Pads.
  • Adapters’ socket mate requires no ground plane leads providing PCB routing flexibility.
  • Each signal pin number is silk-screened on the probe adapter for easy signal identification.

Emulation Technology also offers cables, extenders, splitters and connectors to support the users of the Samtec ASP-65067-01 connector. Custom probes are also available upon request.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the 100-pin, 0.50mm breakout adapter starts at $140.00 each, in one-piece quantities. Delivery is from stock.

Product Description Price Availability
Adapter w/ signals to stake headers $150.00 ea. Stock
Adapter w/ signals to SMT pads $140.00 ea. Stock

Emulation Technology

ET is celebrating its 21st year of providing quality interconnect solutions for design and development engineers. The company’s experience helping engineers create quality products and reducing costs associated with design, development, and time to market has made it the leader in this industry. Emulation Technology has more than 50,000 customers and operations in 23 countries worldwide. The company is privately held and is headquartered at 2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, Calif., 95051.