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New QFN/MLF test sockets available in SMT, thru-hole and compression fit mounting styles

QNF/MLF Quick Lock Socket

SANTA CLARA, Calif, January 24, 2005— Emulation Technology, Inc. (ET), industry leader in QFN/MLF socketing solutions, today announced the introduction of their new QFN/MLF Quick Lock sockets. Design and test engineers needing quicker, easier access to a device during design or test will find the socket's design invaluable. For engineers needing a SMT test socket solution, ET's new surface mount Quick Lock socket is the only QFN/MLF test socket on the market. The sockets are also available in Thru-hole and Compression Fit mounting styles to meet a variety of applications. All three styles of sockets are offered in all grid sizes, and lead and ball pitches of 0.50mm, 0.65mm, 0.75mm, and 0.80mm.

New Design

The QFN/MLF package's small form factor has made it a popular package style for engineers integrating smaller ICs such as Flash memory and digital processing ICs into their space maximized designs. This small form factor increases the user's need for ease of use during testing. ET's new test sockets' design incorporates a unique cover that allows easy, immediate access to the device and requires no tools to actuate or secure the lid to the socket base.

Test Socket Mounting Styles

This test socket is ideal for those users working with ICs that do not require burn-in testing and who are looking to find ways to reduce testing costs.

  • Surface mount Quick Lock sockets. The Quick Lock surface mount socket's design was created to ensure high mechanical integrity when connected to the board using solder paste and wave solder process.
  • Thru-hole Quick Lock sockets. The thru-hole socket leverages the standard mounting process to ensure excellent mechanical integrity. Simply match up the socket's pins with the PCB hole layout, insert them and hand soldering, or using the wave solder process to attach the socket base to the board.
  • Solderless Compression Fit Quick Lock sockets. This style uses an assembly board attached to the socket body, which holds the socket's insert in place. This test socket requires no soldering, but does require two to four tooling holes on the target PCB. The socket is secured to the PC board with a set of screws. Removing the socket simply requires unscrewing the socket frame from the PCB.

Applying The Cover

Once the socket base is in place, the device being tested is placed in the device well. Then, the user simply pinches the levers with thumb and forefinger to open the clasps, places the cover over the socket base and releases the clasps on the cover once it is in place.

For users requiring higher pin count sockets (above 100 pins), the covers come with an integrated lever, which allows the user to apply the required pressure. After the Quick Lock cover has been attached to the socket base, the user pulls the small lever down, pressing the socket cover down onto the chip.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy, two-finger socket closure by actuating the cover's clasp

  • Provides quick insertion and extraction of packages during the chip screening process

  • Contact life and Retention System life of 10,000 cycles minimum

  • Individual contact force of 40 grams maximum

  • Available in three different mounting styles: SMT, Thru-hole and Compression Fit

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the QFN/MLF Quick Lock Solderless Compression Socket starts at $846.00 each. Delivery is four weeks. These sockets are eligible for ET's ASAP Socket Delivery.

Emulation Technology

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