SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 25, 2004 - Emulation Technology (ET), introduced today a new adapter supporting the Atmel DataFlash devices packaged in the new Chip Scale Ball Grid Array (CBGA) packages. This adapter provides hardware and design engineers with the ability to program and/or prototype using this new package.

Two Applications in One Adapter

This new adapter is used to convert a memory programmer DIP socket to CBGA Zero Insertion Force socket for circuit programming or it can house the CBGA in a prototype application to help debug programmable code. The zero insertion socket on the top of the adapter allow the engineer to quickly remove and replace the DataFlash memory after making a programming code changes. No need to solder and desolder the chip for each program change. The new adapter is one of many multi-application adapters available from ET.

CBGA Programming/Prototyping Adapter Features and Benefits

Price and Availability

The fully assembled CBGA Programming/Prototyping Adapter, part number AS-14-08-01BG-3 sells for $189.00 each. Availability is stock.

The CBGA Zero Insertion Force socket alone, part number S-MBG-3X5-014-A sells for $124.00. Quantity discounts are available. Availability is stock.

Atmel Data Flash

Both the AT45DB041B (4M) and AT45DB081B (8M) are serial interface Flash memory devices ideally suited for voice, image, program code and other data-storage dependant applications. This new package has 14 balls, array size of 3 x 5, and package body size of 4.5 x 7 x 1.4mm.

About Emulation Technology, Inc.

ET is celebrating its 21st year of providing quality interconnect solutions for design and development engineers. The company’s experience helping engineers create quality products and reducing costs associated with design, development, and time to market has made it the leader in this industry. Emulation Technology has more than 50,000 customers and operations in 23 countries worldwide. The company is privately held and is headquartered at 2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, Calif., 95051. More information on ET can be found at

Atmel and DataFlash are both registered trademarks of the Atmel Corporation.


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