SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 24, 2004 - Emulation Technology, Inc. (ET), the leader specializing in a wide range of products and services for the electronic development lab engineer, introduces their family of new ASIC & FPGA Development Systems. ET's new family includes the: ET3000K10S ("S" denotes single chip), ET3000K10M ("M" denotes multi-chip), ET5000K10S, ET5000K10M, ET6000K10S, ET6000K10M, ET-EP1S10, ET-EP1S25, ET-EPIC20F324C7, ET-EP1C3T100C7. These products were created to assist hardware, electrical, ASIC or IP design engineers prototyping in environments capable of hosting complex digital systems. Employing high-speed, multi-functional devices and sophisticated circuitry into the systems' technology, these ASIC & FPGA Development Systems are capable of saving the user time and money on their design, up to 50% in some cases.


ASIC & FPGA Development Systems have become increasingly popular in light of the escalating costs associated with ASICS, sometimes as high as $2M, and lead times for spinning ASIC masks pushing six months or more. ET's family of development systems provides users a choice of a system that best meets their need: by FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) device type (Altera, Xilinx), by number of FPGA devices (single or multiple), or by FPGA application. These systems provide a time-saving, cost-saving vehicle for prototyping ASIC designs.

How they work

The systems are made up of development boards with programmable chips (CPLDs, FPGAs), memory (FLASH,DDR, SmartMedia FLASH card) and circuits designed to work with a PC via a cable (included with the system) or via a PCI slot. Designs for the programmable CPLDs and FPGAs in the systems are done with software specific to the device manufacturer, and are included with some systems which can be downloaded free via the internet for others.


The primary applications for the systems are ASIC hardware prototyping, logic prototyping and reconfigurable computing (users requiring an algorithmic acceleration solution) as seen in many security, virus detection or genetic coding applications. Engineers can use one or more of the systems to assist them in any of the following applications:

• add analog to digital converter
• add ethernet connection to system board design
• design and implement digital circuits
• add new designs and capabilities to an existing application
• embedded core design
• build custom microcontroller cores
• Learn digital design techniques
• prototyping logic and memory designs


While this family of development systems provides a wealth of features to fit any engineering need, each of the products provides capabilities appropriate for a specified range of applications.

Pricing and Availability

In most cases, any of these development systems are availability within five weeks or less. In some cases, availability is dependant upon device availability. Customs and semi-customs are available for all of the boards. Please contact Emulation Technology directly for a price quote.

About Emulation Technology, Inc.

ET is celebrating 20 years of providing quality interconnect solutions for design and development engineers. The company’s experience helping engineers create quality products and reducing costs associated with design, development, and time to market has made it the leader in this industry. Emulation Technology has more than 50,000 customers and operations in 23 countries worldwide. The company is privately held and is headquartered at 2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, Calif., 95051.


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