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Meterman XP Series Compact DMMS

Wavetek Meterman MM-15 XP

35xl A compact digital multimeter for electronics and test applications

The 15XP is the right choice for electronics engineers, technicians and field service

  • Autoranging display for faster measurements
  • 2000-count 3-1/2 digit display
  • VolTect™ Non-Contact Voltage Detector lets you safely detect dangerous AC voltages
  • Magne-Grip™ Holster with magnetic hanging strap that frees both hands for work
  • TTL logic test for digital circuits
  • Integrated tilt stand for easy bench use
  • Resistance and continuity for troubleshooting bad connections
  • Diode test for component level troubleshooting
  • Data Hold freezes display to “hold” measurement reading
  • 750 V ac/1000 V dc – highest voltage rating in this class of meter



  • Magna-Grip Holster MM-H10Y

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