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Meterman True RMS Multimeter

Model MM-2015 Multimeter

2015 "Best Buy" in a Professional Test Tool

  • Largest LCD with 20 mm (0.78") high digits
  • Autoranging with Manual Range Lock
  • Robust "Professional's" Instrument Styling
  • Long, 500-hour battery life, plus 30-minute Automatic-Off
  • Measure Volts, Amps, AC & DC, ohms, Diode Test and Continuity
  • Data Hold, Min/Max and Relative (delta) measuring modes
  • Protective Rubber Boot with tilt-stand and flex-strap(TM)
  • CE marked and EN-61010-1; Cat. III
  • Added functions of Capacitance and Frequency
  • High Resolution, Digital/Analog Display:
    4000 count
    42 segment bargraph
  • Shrouded test leads, incorrect input jack warning, fully fused current input jacks.
  • Superior 0.25% Accuracy
  • True RMS Measuring

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    The MM-2015 DMMs offer the performance, features, and styling that redefines today's "Best Buy" for engineers and technicians.

    Largest Display in its Class
    DMM users have always known the greater confidence, accuracy, and time savings of meters that have large and easy-to-read displays. The MM-2015 continues Wavetek Meterman's commitment of listening to customers and bring large, 20mm (0.78 inch) characters to a high resolution, 4000 count digital display, with a 42 segment bargraph display.

    Time-saving "Tech Preferred" Features
    Tech Preferred Features with easy push-button engaging include data-hold, min/max hold and relative (delta) reading compare mode. Intrinsic to this meter is its low-power design and battery preserving auto-off feature that ensures the DMM is ready to measure when you need it most.

    In addition to the more than 26 ranges of Volts, Amps, AC and DC, resistance, diode test and continuity, you will find 5 capacitance and 5 frequency measuring ranges to fully test modern electronic and electrical circuits. The 2015 is autoranging, or can be easily locked into any specific range with the "range" button. With its excellent 0.25% basic DC accuracy this meter brings you the reading confidence you demand.

    Durability and Reliability
    Durability and reliability are standard features with the MM-2015. This DMM comes with a protective rubber boot to ensure its ruggedness. The boot has a built-in tilt-stand/bail and flex-strap to increase utility. Application safety is enhanced with the meter's extra-shrouded test lead tips, full current input jack fusing, and EN 61010-1; Cat.lll approval, and the "CE" mark required by European countries.

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