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MicroBGA Socket Receptacle Boards


  • Socket receptacles enable you to replace test sockets without soldering to and/or damaging test boards
  • Hundreds of manufacturers' sockets are supported including DIP, LCC, PLCC, PGA, BGA, SOIC, SOJ, SSOP, QFP, and more . . .
MBGA Receptacle Board


1)  Determine pin count.
2)  If you need a socket from ET, be prepared to provide us with the package outline drawing. 
3)  If you do not need a socket from ET, provide us with a package outline drawing and your socket manufacturer and part #.

Ordering Information Example
MBGA Socket Receptacle Boards
Lead Pitch Pin Count Description Drawing Corresponding Test Socket Drawing
1.0mm 48 SR-MBGA-6X8-48-A Consult Factory S-MBGA-6X8-48-A PDF
1.0mm 48 SR-MBGA-07-048-A PDF S-MBGA-07-048-A PDF
1.0mm 56 SR-MBGA-7X8-56-A Consult Factory S-MBGA-7X8-56-A PDF
1.0mm 64 SR-MBGA-08-064-A3 PDF S-MBGA-08-064-A3 PDF
1.0mm 72 SR-MBG-8X12-072-A Consult Factory S-MBGA-8X12-72-A PDF
0.8mm 100 SR-MBGA-10-100-G PDF Consult Factory Consult Factory
1.0mm 223 SR-MBGA-18-223-A Consult Factory S-MBG-18-223-A PDF
1.0mm 256 SR-MBGA-16-256-A PDF S-MBGA-16-256-A PDF
1.0mm 256 SR-MGA-16-256-AL Consult Factory Consult Factory Consult Factory
1.0mm 256 SR-MBGA-16-256-C PDF S-MBGA-16-256-C PDF
1.0mm 288 SR-MBGA-19-288-A Consult Factory S-MBGA-19-288-A Consult Factory
1.0mm 364 SR-MBGA-20-364-A PDF S-MBGA-20-364-A PDF
1.0mm 456 SR-MBGA-26-456-B PDF S-MBGA-26-456-B PDF
1.0mm 876 SR-MBGA-30-876-A PDF S-MBGA-30-876-A PDF
1.0mm Consult Factory SR-MBG-15X8-060-A PDF Consult Factory Consult Factory
1.0mm 1936 SR-MBGA-44-1936-A Consult Factory S-MBGA-44-1936-A PDF
1.0mm Consult Factory SR-MBG-8X9-048-A Consult Factory Consult Factory Consult Factory
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