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Description: Small printed circuit boards which make it easy to adapt standard or high-density prototyping boards to a variety of packages, including LCC, PLCC, PGA, PQFP, SDIP, SOIC, and more.  Adapt to wire wraps or screw machine pins.  Over 300 varieties available.

How to Order
1)  Determine your board configuration using the diagrams on this page (type A, B, C, or P). 
2)  Determine if you need a machine screw (M) or wire wrap (W) 
3)  Determine your IC package's type and locate it on the following pages. 
4)  Determine your pin count.

M - Machine screw version Adapt-A-Boards are used on prototyping boards that have wire wrap posts already installed on the back side of the prototyping board.  The pins on the back of these Adapt-A-Boards plug directly into these posts.

W - Wire-wrappable Adapt-A-Boards are used in prototyping boards that have holes with nothing in them.  The wire-wrap posts go through the holes and can then be wire-wrapped on theback side of the board.

  • Adapt-A-Boards make it easy to adapt standard or high-density prototyping boards to a variety of packages including BGA, LCC, PLCC, PGA, PQFP, SOIC and more...
  • Bottom configurations adapt to wire wraps or screw machine pins
  • Over 300 varieties available
  • Pins conform to Mil-C-45204
  • Pins and sockets are gold plated; 10 u gold over 100 u nickel

Ordering Information Example

Dimensions Drawing

(Clockwise from Top Left) AB-120-QF05S-P4-W, AB-100-QF01A-A-M, AB-044-QF16Z-P5-M-1, AB-120-QF05S-P4-M

Prototyping PC Board Configurations

Type A   Type B   Type C

Type P   Information Table

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