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1MHz - 30MHz Variable Oscillator

Emulation Technology offers the VROSDIP4.301030 1MHz to 30MHz variable oscillator in a half-can DIP footprint. This high-quality variable oscillator allows the engineer to easily fine-tune the required reference frequency for system development or debug. A single potentiometer is used to adjust the output frequency from 1MHz to 30MHz. An Output Enable pin allows the oscillator's HCMOS outputs to be in high-impedance or normal operation. The VROSDIP4.301030 is constructed on a compact two-layer FR4 PCB.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a variable oscillator in a half-can footprint
  • Allows the system designer to efficiently develop and debug the system without the need to specify a particular fixed oscillator
  • HCMOS output with high-impedance state
  • Output Enable pin can be left unconnected for normal operation or held LOW for high-impedance output
  • Wide frequency, power supply and operating temperature ranges
  • Low frequency drift over time, temperature and power supply
  • Simple frequency adjustment through a single potentiometer
  • Frequency adjustment tool included: see TOOL-POT-ADJ
  • Ideal for lab environments

Pin Functions

Pin Number Function Notes
1 Output Enable (OE) or NC Integrated 1kW pullup to VCC
4 GND  
5 Output (OUT)  
8 VCC  

Output Enable Function

Pin 1 Pin 5
Open/High Active
Low High-Z

Electrical Characteristics/Operating Conditions

Symbol Parameter Conditions Minimum Typical Maximum Units
VCC Power Supply Range   2.7   5.5 V
ICC Power Supply Current Fout = 10MHz,
VCC = 5V


Fout = 10MHz,
VCC = 3.3V
OE = 0V, VCC = 5V   7.4  
fMAX Maximum Frequency VCC = 5V
  30   MHz
VCC = 3.3V   20  
  Timing Jitter     0.4   %
  Frequency Drift over Temperature Fout = 3MHz   ±0.0004   %/°C
  Frequency Drift over Supply Fout = 3MHz,
  VCC = 3V to 5V
  0.05 0.1 %/V
  Duty Cycle   45 50 55 %
VIH High Level OE Input Voltage   0.7 VCC     V
VIL Low Level OE Input Voltage       0.3 VCC V
VOH High Level OUT Voltage VCC = 3V, IOH = -16mA 2.4 2.8   V
VCC = 3V, IOH = -24mA 2.3 2.7  
VCC = 4.5V, IOH = -32mA 3.8 4.2  
VOL Low Level OUT Voltage VCC = 3V, IOL = 16mA   0.15 0.40 V
VCC = 3V, IOL = 24mA   0.22 0.55
VCC = 4.5V, IOL = 32mA   0.22 0.55
  Operating Temperature Range   0   70 °C

Ordering Information

Item Drawing
VROSDIP4.30130 F7693