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Probe Stations (Hands-Free)

Probe Positioner, High Speed Signal
Probe Positioner, Standard
Probe Kits

Probe Positioner, High Speed Signal

Flex Positioner ET-410

The flexible positioner all oscilloscope users can’t debug without
A revolutionary probe positioner for quick, steady, and accurate hands-free probing

Flex Positioner for wide-range hands-free probing
  • Easy-to-manipulate arm controlled by a single thumbscrew
  • Independent XYZ stage for fine adjustments of probe position and contact force
  • Versatile, sturdy probe holder with planarization control for quick, stable holding of test probes
  • Flexible, long arm for vertical probing of a circuit board or backplane in a chassis
  • Suitable for lengthy, unmanned testing and detection of hard-to-find glitches
A helping hand for engineers

Flex Positioner is an innovative probe positioner from Emulation Technology for quick and stable hands-free probing. Its unique combination of an articulated arm and an independent precision XYZ stage allow a user to quickly and accurately place the probe on the target. Using the articulated arm for coarse positioning first and then controlling the fine adjustments with the XYZ stage and probe tips planarization knob, one can make good test measurements with reliable probe contact.

Vertical probing of hard-to-reach areas

Flex Positioner’s long, articulated arm and rugged structure make it perfect for vertical probing of boards and backplane in a chassis. The arm, comprising 4 links and 3 joints, can be locked down with a single thumbscrew easily. The following figure shows the Flex Positioner is used for the challenging task of probing a vertical backplane in a chassis.

Flex Positioner for vertical probing of a backplane
  • Articulated arm: 4 links and 3 joints controlled by a single thumbscrew
  • Arm Length: 220 mm/8.7 in
  • XYZ-axis travel: 12 mm with 250 µm/turn (100 TPI)
  • Width: 76 mm/3.0 in
  • Height: 90 mm/3.5 in
  • Base Length: 101 mm/4.0 in
  • Weight: 2,828 grams/99.7 oz (base block: 2,333 grams/82 oz)
  • Base: Steel with magnets at bottom
  • Part Number: ET-410

Flex Positioner’s versatile and sturdy probe holder fits most active probes, passive probes, and differential browsers from equipment manufacturers, such as Agilent, LeCroy, and Tektronix.

Probe Positioner, High Speed Signal
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Other Probe Positioners from Emulation Technology, Inc.

ET-411 Easy Positioner

ET-411 Easy Positioner (with 1” Steel Block)

ET-412 Precision Positioner for microwave probes

ET-412 Precision Positioner

   ET-411 Specifications
  • XYZ-axis travel: 12 mm, 250 µm/turn (100 TPI)
  • Resolution: 5 µm
  • Probing angle: 60°
  • Length: 260 mm/10.2 in
  • Width: 76 mm/3.0 in
  • Height: 131 mm/5.2 in
  • Θ control: ±10°
  • Weight: 2,619 grams/92.4 oz (base block: 2,333 grams/82 oz)
  • Base: Steel with magnets at bottom

   ET-412 Specifications<
  • XYZ-axis travel: 16 mm, 250 µm/turn (100 TPI) and large 2” y-axis control screw
  • Z-axis coarse adjustment: 8 mm/step
  • Resolution: 2.5 µm
  • Θ control: ±10° with 2°/turn and 0.025° resolution
  • Length: 185 mm/7.3 in
  • Width: 68 mm/2.7 in
  • Height: 74 mm/2.9 in
  • Weight: 1165 grams/41.1 oz
  • Base: Lockable magnet

Probe Positioner, Standard

QP-2000 Quick Probe Test Fixture

QP-2000 Quick Probe Test Fixture

This probe is designed to provide quick and easy SMD probing.  Its simple design quickly connects a test instrument, such as an oscilloscope, to a variety of SMDs including PLCC, SOIC, QFP, and VIAS or test point holes.

  • Heavy base and flexible shaft make positioning to a test point a simple process.
  • Adjustment features enable precise positioning to adjacent test points, even on very fine pitches.
  • Connect single or multiple test leads to Quick Probe's connection post.

Quick Probe Test Fixture
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Probe Mounts

These mounts - heads that replace the stock Quick Probe head - enable you to use your probe with Quick Probe. They provide a secure and stable holder for the probe. Mounts are designed specifically for a variety of the most popular probe styles.

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Add to Cart QP-T6240  Tektronix (P6240)  

Opening: .44"h x .10"w

Add to Cart QP-T6245  Tektronix (P6245)  

Opening: .50"h x .22"w

Add to Cart QP-T6246  Tektronix (P6246)  

Opening: .50"h x .31"w

Add to Cart QP-3ACAT3  Pomona (3ACAT3)  

Opening: .28"diameter

Add to Cart QP-AP033  Lecroy (LAP033)  

Opening: .79"h x .47"w

Probe Kits

Deluxe Probe Kit

This DELUXE Probe Kit includes the probe, a storage pouch and 17 accessories, plus a set of snap-on channel identification markers (various colors).  You can master the most difficult servicing or design problems by simply connecting the correct accessories to the probe.

  • 18-piece kit
  • Low resistance gold contacts
  • Switchable readout actuator option
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Add to Cart ET4901-2K Switched 1X/R/10X 5.0 1.5 10/150 35/2.40 57/115 1/10
Add to Cart ET4903-2K FIXED 1X 30 11.60 40 1
Add to Cart ET4904-2K FIXED 10X 150 2.40 15 10
Add to Cart ET4905-2K FIXED 10X 250 1.40 12 10
Add to Cart ET4910-2K FIXED 100X 200 1.70 3.5 10
Add to Cart ET4906-1K FIXED 10X 300 1.16 11 10

ET9104R Probe Kit

This ET9104R Probe Kit is a modular package that includes two leads, two probes, 2 sprung hook probes, 2 alligator clips, two spade lugs, and a pouch.

  • Silicone leads
  • Burn resistant
  • Goldleaf contacts
  • 18 gauge (440 strands)

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