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Interconnect General Info

The information contained in this Web site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Due to technical progress, it is subject to change without notice. Application information is informational in nature and shall not be construed to warrant suitability of products for any particular purpose as performance may vary with the condition encountered.

The specification data contained on these Web pages is of general nature and refers to standard products. For example a "Current rating" at an ambient temperature of 25°C reflects the value per individual contact. Should you require any further information or test reports, you can obtain this information by contacting us.

The SMT connectors, male or female, are offered with a coplanarity of max. 0.1mm. They are adapted to all modern SMT soldering processes and they can be handled easily with all currently existing placing techniques.

The connectors conform with signal integrity requirements at high data and frequency rates. However we cannot offer general information about the max. frequency or data transmission rate. For such statements, it would require more information about the chosen configuration and pin-out, the length of the cable and/or any other specific requirements regarding the application itself.

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