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Emulation Technology Cross Reference for SST BGA Sockets

SST, Inc. BGA Package Pin Count Body Size Matrix Size Lead Pitch ET Package Code ET Part Number Drawing
BK 48-TFBGA 48 8x10mm 6X8 0.80mm 48-6BG6X8A S-MBGA-6X8-48-G 41207
LFP 56-LFBGA 56 8x10mm 8x8 0.80mm 56-6BG8X8 S-MBGA-8X8-56-A 41320
TBK 48-TBGA 48 10x12mm 6x8 1.00mm 48-3BG6X8 S-MBGA-6X8-48-K 41316
B2K 48-TFBGA 48 6x8mm 6x8 0.80mm 48-6BG6X8B S-MBGA-6X8-48-J 41306
BP 56-TFBGA 56 10x12mm 8x8 0.80mm 56-6BG8X8 S-MBGA-8X8-56-B 41318
BP 64-TFBGA 64 10x12mm 8x8 0.80mm 64-6BG8X8 S-MBGA-8X8-64-A 41317

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