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QFP Chip-to-Clip Cross Reference - 8051 to AM486SELV

Find your chip in the cross reference below--next to it you will see a corresponding Emulation Technology test clip part number.

Circuit Part No. Description
8051 CLIP-044-QF16-A (View Price)
80960HA/HD CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
9307 CLIP-144-QF63-D (View Price)
85394 CLIP-160-QF07-B (View Price)
µPD70236 (V53) CLIP-120-QF05-B (View Price)
µPD71054 CLIP-044-QF16-B (View Price)
µPD78052 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD78053 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD78054 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD78055 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD78056 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD78057 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
µPD9318 CLIP-044-QF16-A (View Price)
42F2752 CLIP-160-QF07-B (View Price)
42F2843 CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
5402CL9100 CLIP-160-QF07-B (View Price)
73K246 CLIP-100-QF49-D (View Price)
73Q8360 CLIP-100-QF49-D (View Price)
82C235 CLIP-160-QF07-A (View Price)
82C465MV CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
82C803 CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
82C822 CLIP-160-QF07-A (View Price)
82C836B CLIP-160-QF07-A (View Price)
82C851 CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
87311VF CLIP-100-QF06-B (View Price)
90CL301 CLIP-080-QF47-D (View Price)
92C168 CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
93F3167 CLIP-240-QF62-C (View Price)
9XC1X0 CLIP-080-QF08-B (View Price)
A1010B CLIP-080-QF47-D (View Price)
A1020-CQ84B CLIP-084-QF02-1 (View Price)
A1020B CLIP-080-QF47-D (View Price)
A1225 CLIP-100-QF06-B (View Price)
A1240 CLIP-144-QF10-B (View Price)
A1240-2 CLIP-144-QF10-B (View Price)
A1240A-2 CLIP-144-QF10-B (View Price)
A1280 CLIP-160-QF07-A (View Price)
A1425 CLIP-100-QF06-B (View Price)
A1460 CLIP-208-QF21-C (View Price)
AD7001 CLIP-044-QF16-A (View Price)
AD7002 CLIP-044-QF16-A (View Price)
ADSP-2103 CLIP-080-QF47-D (View Price)
ADSP21060 CLIP-240-QF62-C (View Price)
ADSP2115 CLIP-080-QF14-B (View Price)
AIC-6360F CLIP-100-QF49-D (View Price)
AIC-7110T CLIP-100-QF49-D (View Price)
AM29000-16KC CLIP-168-QF25-A (View Price)
AM29005-16KC CLIP-168-QF25-A (View Price)
AM29040 CLIP-144-QF10-A (View Price)
AM29C960 CLIP-120-QF05-A (View Price)
AM386DE CLIP-132-QF03-1 (View Price)

8051 to AM486SELV
AM486SX-40 to EPF8636A
EPF8820 to M60031
MB86600 to QL8x16
S80386SL to TC85M932F
TC86R4600 to ZR36020PQC

Tel: 1-800-ADAPTER, (1-800-232-7837)
Fax: (408) 982-0664

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