Programming Adapters for Philips ICs

Ordering Information Example
Philips Part # Programmer DIP Socket Size Package Type View Price! Adapter Part # View Footprint
PLHS153/B, PHD16N8-5, PLC18V8Z, PLC153, PLHS16L8, PLUS16L8, PLUS16R8, PLUS16R6, PLUS16R4, PLS151, PLS153/A/B/D, PLS155, PLS157, PLS159, 10H20EV8, 10020EV8 20 PIN
300 MIL
LCC View Price AS-20-20-01L-3 020-LCC1
PLCC View Price AS-20-20-01P-3YAM 028-PCC6
SOIC View Price AS-20-20-01S-3-GANG 020-SO03
20 PIN
600 MIL
PLCC View Price AS-20-20-01P-6YAM 028-PCC6
P3C18V8 20 PIN
300 MIL
SSOP View Price AS-20-20-01SS-3 020-SS34
PLC473, PLHS473, PLUS20L8, PLUS20R4, PLUS20R6, PLUS20R8 24 PIN
300 MIL
LCC View Price AS-28-24-05L-3 028-LCC6
PLCC View Price AS-28-24-05P-3TEX 028-PCC6
PLCC View Price AS-28-24-05P-3YAM 028-PCC6
PLS173/B/D, PLS179, PLHS473 24 PIN
600 MIL
PLCC View Price AS-28-24-06P-6TEX 028-PCC6
PLS100, PLS101, PLC42VA12, PLS105/A, PLUS405, PLC415, PLUS105 28 PIN
600 MIL
LCC View Price AS-28-28-01L-6 028-LCC6
PLCC View Price AS-28-28-01P-6TEX 028-PCC6
PLCC View Price AS-28-28-01P-6YAM 028-PCC6
PHD48N22, PML2552 40 PIN
600 MIL
PLCC View Price AS-68-40-04P-6YAM 068-PCC1
(This adapter is used with Data I/O Unisite only)

PML2652 40 PIN
600 MIL
PLCC View Price AS-84-40-01P-6YAM 084-PCC5
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NOTE: (FC XXX-XXXX) = Footprint Code.  See Footprint Section to browse ET footprint drawings.

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